Free template for Facebook Fanpage Timeline (Photoshop PSD)

On march 30th 2012 Facebook did introduce the Facebook Timeline for fanpages. This means fanpages have almoste the same layout as Facebook frofiles. Myself I manage multiple fanpages so I was looking for a good template for de new Fanpage Timeline, but the templates I found where made for the personal profile timeline. Because there are some small differences between the template for profiles and fanpages. So I made my own template and is free for everyone to download in Photoshop PSD!

[UPDATE june 2012] I just updated my PSD to the right dimensions for the profile image.

Download the PSD for the Facebook Fanpage Timeline

Dimensions Facebook profile image and coverimage

The dimensions of example the profile image have changed.
You need to know the following dimensions for the images:

  • The profile image is now a square with a minimum size of 180×180 pixels;
  • The thumbnail of the profile image is displayed as 125×125 160×160 pixels;
  • The cover image is displayed with dimensions of 851×315 pixels.

[UPDATE june 2012] I just updated my PSD to the right dimensions for the profile image.

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    • Hello Lucho,

      It is correct that it still selects 170px (with border), and 160px of the image itself.
      You need to upload a image of at least 180px, wich they compress to 160px on your timeline.



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